Local WE4SKI Events

Take part in the worldwide WE4SKI Competition. Powder lovers from all over the world compete against each other on this day and compare their performance in local and global rankings. WE4SKI takes place in 8 ski resorts from 8 countries this year.

8 Countries = Nations Cup

Japan, Russia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain/Andorra & Canada

The goal of the WE4SKI Competition is to cover as many alititude meters and piste kilometers as possible on this day. Each participant then represents their ski resort (national ranking) and themself in the individual ranking.

All registered WE4SKI Competition participants will be informed of the details via email.

What is We4SKI?

  • Worldwide ski tracking competition
  • Mass event for everyone all over the world
  • One day ALL together on snow
  • Have fun and compare yourself

The details...

  • Date: Event 19.01.2020 on World Snow Day
  • Location: 8 ski resorts in 8 countries
  • Start the iSKI app, record your ski day and collect piste kilometers, alititude meters and WE4SKI pins
  • Check out the relevant rankings (Resort/Nations Cup and Individual ranking)
  • Classes: Men/Women
  • Ranking is based on a combination of altitude and piste kilometers (WE4SKI PINS)
  • Nations Cup; the accumulated altitude meter/piste kilometers of all participants in a destination
  • Win the best by ski resort/country and gender

How to track with the iSKI App?

  • Download the iSKI App for your region
  • Get all the live info for your winter resort
  • Track your snow activity and get stats
  • Support your winter resort and your country

Sign up with the iSKI Community

You will have to use one of the iSKI apps to record your activity on the slopes.

Free membership!

To save some time, you can download it already and register with the iSKI Community in the app using the following links:

Don't hesitate to invite your friends for more fun during the day the worldwide event!

How can I participate?

Register here for the event by signing-in with your iSKI Community account.

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